Armolan Ultra PPF Film

Safety Security Clear Film

Thickness: 2, 4, 7, 8, 12 MIL

Length: 60″

Color: Clear


Product Description

Armolan Paint Protection Film offers an ideal combination of protection against rocks, insects, sand, salt, and other hazards high gloss appearance and fast self-healing top coat. All these features are provided in an attractive economical package.

Our standard offering – Armolan PPF protects your paint in virtually any climate zone and weather conditions providing the same ease of installation as other Armoaln product maintenance.

  • High Gloss and Clarity
  • Remarkable ease of installation
  • Exceptional scratch, mar and stain resistance
  • Great yellowing resistance
  • Fast Self-Healing Top Coat
  • Long-lasting gloss and cleanliness
  • Industry-standard 5-year limited warranty*


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